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AdvancedMarkets Concept Presentations

"Don't sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do." - Ben Feldman

Want to educate your client on the benefits of an Irrevocable Trust? How about a quick estate tax calculation?  Or, the complex gifting arrangement made simple? Look here.

  Estate Planning

  Retirement Planning

Want to explain qualified vs. non-qualified savings to your client? Or Roth vs. IRA? How about an idea on how to maximize qualified and annuity savings and generate insurance premium? It's all here.

  Business Planning

Show your business owner clients the benefits of a business continuity plan. Then share with them the variety of executive benefits available to select members of their company. Finish with a discussion on the impact of key person plans.

  Charitable Giving

Charitable giving made simple with CRATs, CRUTs, wealth replacement trusts and more. Show a client how gifting an insurance policy can multiply their gift — all in client-friendly language.

Additional Information

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